Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Beer Marinated Steak

I like to cook with beer. It is no secret. I like the taste, the smell. I was one of those kids that would ask for a sip off her dad's beer. Even as a kid I didnt shy away. I know it is bad. But I grew up in the 70's. They didnt shy away from that back then. Anyways, It's just the Ballplayer and I for dinner tomorrow and I found these cute little steaks at the corner market. Aren't they cute? Don't tell The Fireman! I usually don't like to eat so well when he is away on a strike fire living on bagged meals. Not that he would mind. Believe me. It is all my guilt. It is late at night and I am trying to stay awake hoping he will text me one last time, so I am going to marinate these baby steaks overnight.

Beer Marinated Steak
1 Blue Moon Beer (or what ever you are drinking)
2 cloves garlic minced
zest of 1 orange
dash worchestershire sauce
dash ponzu soy sauce
1 TB brown sugar

I like to drop the steaks and the bag into a bowl just in case the bag tips.
pour the whole thing in..
yes the whole thing
Ok we need some garlic. I like alot but that's me. Not this much but a couple cloves
I told you it's late...
Now this is really stalker bad. I am taking an orange off my orange tree. You think the neighbors are wondering what the flash was that just went off in the back yard?
Its perfect...I hope considering its pretty dark out here
All clean and thankfully it wasnt a green orange. Zest the whole thing into the bag
That'll work
Now juice it...I mean really, why waste it?
So now add a dash or two of Worcestershire Sauce and Ponzu Soy Sauce
And 1 TB of Brown Sugar
Give it a good mash up
and let it sit in the frig over night. Gotta get some sleep now
On my favorite Cast iron pan. Add some oil (not olive) and get HOT I actually went to put the meat in and removed. It wasnt HOT enough
I seasoned one (mine) with Lemon Pepper
The Ballplayer is Antipotato lately (who is this kid?) so I took only 1 potato washed, sliced and microwaved for 5 min
flip...oh my the smell. You smell it?
Add the potatoes and onion
And season with some lemon pepper too
They will brown fast with the heat of the cast iron
I am not!
Pure Heaven!


Kathy Mercure said...

Mmmm... beer! Never make a chili without it, and now I can go upscale. This looks delish, will have to try it. Thanks for posting.

Mr Bunny Chow said...

why have I never thought to do this? I've used beer and steak for years on the braai (bbq) but never as a marinade.

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