Monday, November 28, 2011

Roasted Santa Maria Style Tri-tip with Potatoes

Where we live in the US, we pretty much can BBQ year round. That doesnt mean we do. I get lazy and end up using the oven for a million reasons. Usually the the biggest reason being cold outside. Yes I am a wimp. Tonight's dinner isnt even tradition Santa Maria Style Tri-Tip. I would know, being I know a little about the local. But I picked this up at the Costco. It will do. It sure is yummy enough. Santa Maria Tri Tip is not marinated like this Costco might have you think. It is simply seasoned just right with some local seasoning and cooked over local dry oak wood. Tonight's is simply seared off in my handy dandy cast iron pan (where would I be with out you?) and cooked in the oven surrounded with potatoes. You can sense I drooling just typing this, right?

This is my Sweet Emma, She isnt with us anymore, but was when I made this dinner. The minute I opened the package she was loyally by my side. I still tear up at all the posts I included to photograph her. She was and she is part of everything we do. Ok off to find that box of Kleenex.
Alright, first you need a cast iron pan. Really they cheap and last forever as long as a teenager does not put it in the dishwasher (it has happened) or let the box fall out of a moving vehicle on the freeway (again it happens) Get this baby smoking HOT
Next you'll need one of these frequently available at Costco.
I am kinda embarrassed at how long it takes me to post to my blog. No I am not. Retrack that.
Add a couple TB of oil...not olive oil
Add the meat to the pan and let it brown on one side
Nice and brown. That brown is important.
Add washed cubed potatoes to the pan
I like to get all sides so I get the sides too. Yes I am a little freaky that way
Every potato in the pan..drizzle just a tad oil on them
I sprinkle some Season salt on them and pepper. They need to taste good too
Waiting patiently...She knows, she will get meat. Its a cancer diet after all she is on. Anything Emma wants, Emma gets
Now there is a slight disagreeange over when the meat is cooked in our home. I, personally like it bloody, mooing at me. The Fireman, likes it the consitency of shoe leather, burnt to a crisp. Since marriage is a compromise of sorts, I let him win sort of and take it out at 150 degrees
Its tempting to eat it right now...dont!!! Wait!!! 5 minutes
slice nice and thin
back into the pan so all the juices will flavor the potatoes, hey I have priorities here!

these leftovers! heaven!!!


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