Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lent warning

Sorry I've been missing for the last couple days. Between taxes and the lingering cold, I have been no fun to be around. Unfortunately we are going right into Lent now so my mood will remain cranky. Against my better judgment, I am giving up carbs for Lent. Modified, of course. I have a couple of pounds to lose and carbs are really my only vice. I don't smoke, only have one glass of wine per day, (and I AM NOT GIVING THAT UP UNLESS THE KIDS MOVE OUT!) I am really uninterested in sweets, so all that is really left is carbs. I will miss carbs. The only plus is that I have made a deal that this whole thing is off when we do family dinners while my Army Son is home on leave. I mean, really, it is for his own good that there should be french bread at the table with home made mashed potatoes. He is after all putting his life on the line. (ok ok enough dramatics))

So you will have to forgive me if my recipes are.....boring for 40 days. But hey, I will look good in a bikini for spring break, so it is all good!


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