Thursday, April 15, 2010

BC Blogger's Party!

What is "BC Bloggers' Party?" It's an opportunity for BC bloggers to meet other BC Bloggers from the comforts of their home. I like parties! I have my party hat on while I write this. I would prove it to you but I am camera shy. LOL Just ask my brats!

So, now that you are in my kitchen for the party, let me pour you something to drink and tell you a little about myself. I am a stay at home mom who loves to cook. NO I really love to cook! I am most comfortable in the kitchen! In fact, I don't even mind the clean up! I am a mother and love to refer to my sweet kids as 'brats' on my blog. Can't help it. They are teenagers and it gives me pleasure. I have been married FOREVER to The Fireman. I love talking about him in my blog and his lack of cooking. Really, a fireman that doesn't cook.

Take a minute, maybe grab a recipe or two. Say HI to the dog. She doesn't bite. I promise. And have fun at the Blog Party!


Brandi said...

That chicken sounds yummy! We had Roasted Chicken Fajitas last night. Well, I turned it into quesidella's instead, but still it was yummy!

Andrea said...

LOVE the kitchen concept, I agree, it can often be the coziest room of the house!

Paula said...

Thanks for joining the party. I almost missed this, so sorry! But it will be included in the final list which will be out today.
Wow, you love to cook! I wish I'm good at that too. I'm really going to try one of your recipes. You make it look so easy!

Chris said...

i am a newbie here :D great to see a new site through BC bloggers! :D

seth said...

dropping by from BC Bloggers too....nice to meet you :-)

charmie said...

i love to cook too, I'm trying and practicing hahahha!!! visit mine..!

nice to know someone who loves cooking too :)

Makoy said...

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Chin chin said...

I'm don't really love to cook but I love to eat. I am a Food Technologist by profession, and we're not really cooks. Though being a good one is a plus factor, I guess. Still hoping someday to have my own food business at home. Glad to meet you at the BC Bloggers' Party.

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