Friday, August 3, 2012

Rotel Tri Tip

Tri tips are huge around here. When they go on sale you really should stock up on them. I am not that organized at this moment. I have my mements. I don't usually buy a trimmed tri tip but for crock pots trimmed tri tips are amazing. I find all the fat on them too much. Tonight I am making Burrito bowls. Which later I will cover on my blog. I make cilantro lime rice and black beans. I can can put Chipotle to shame. But you have to start with the tri tip. And this is great for just about anything. I use this for burritos, quesadillas, tacos, or sometimes I will just make mashed potatoes with it. Yes with spicy meat. I mix my food ethnicities. This is too easy so don't say I didn't warn you.

Rotel Tri Tip

1 tri tip (no tri tip? then use a pot roast)
1 can rotel
santa maria seasoning or garlic salt and pepper
1 TB vegetable oil/canola oil

heat oil on medium high in a cast iron pan
season roast with seasoning and pepper
Season it good
Brown all sides of the meat
I love Rotel. Feel free Rotel to show me some love
stick the rotel in a blender and puree
Make sure you get all sides brown
This is like salsa now
brown even the sides
Into the hot mean crock pot
Cover with the rotel
Cook on high for a good three hours if it is a tri tip, maybe four if it is a pot roast. A for should be able to pull the meat apart.
I started it at 12:27 and knew it would be ready for an early sandwich around 4.
The pups agree!! These are my Boxer pups Lucy and Louie!


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