Monday, August 29, 2011

Grilled Turkey Sweet Italian Sausage Sandwiches

One of my favorite new gadgets is The Fireman's grill. I have to admit that he has come home on more than one occasion to me grilling on it. I have nicknamed myself "the Grillmaster" which I am not sure he appreciates too much. Really it is the convenience of "firing" up the grill in seconds, not having to light a fire with wood, and cooking outside when it is hot outside or inside. I think I managed to get the hang of it so easily because it has a temp gauge on the outside. Being an avid cook, I am used to watching temperatures so to assure food is cooked thoroughly.

Today's lunch is so easy and really cheap. My family could not go out to a restaurant and order these for what I paid at the store. Added bonus is not waiting for a patio seat. Now if you are watching your figure, these are turkey sausages which have less calories than the pork version. This makes up for the beer they will cook in and the french roll that I can't resist. My onions are grilled but will soak in the leftover beer (you'll see-amazing) but I love to top with some Spicy Mustard! These happen to be an easy summer lunch but you could make these in the winter inside. Serve over mashed potatoes in the winter and you will be amazed how yummy it is.

All you need is
1 package of Turkey Sweet Italian Sausages
1 package french rolls
1 beer
one onion sliced in THICK slices
Mustard for topping

Turn the grill on. Place the raw sausages in a grill safe pan. I like to use these oversize cake pans. Pour the whole beer in the pan
swimming in beer. What can be wrong about that?
Might have to have a drink of it too
now slice the onions really thick
spray with cooking spray and salt and pepper both sides
place the pan on the grill
add the onions to the grill
now close the grill. The heat will cause the beer to boil and it will cook the sausages on the inside. let them cook for five minutes and then turn them. Check the onions. Do not turn them until them are nice and charred. Close the lid and let them cook five more minutes
Now take the sausages and put them on the grill. Place the onions in the pan with what is left of the beer
the onions will soak up what is left of the beer and you will love it. Grill the sausages until they are brown.
I like to toast the buns. But that's just me!
Now assemble!


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