Friday, February 18, 2011

Chili Dogs

There are meals that my family love that are just sinful. Chili dogs are are probably one of their favorites. With baseball season around the corner again, I am reminded of the meals that I can make in little time after a cold game. I am usually the parent that has dinner ready or just about ready so we are swept into going out to eat after. Saves money that way! I am low carbing so there will be no bun for me tonight.

Ultra Easy! I like to slice all the dogs long ways and toss in a frying pan or even on a grill pan.

Cook until crispy and brown.

Heat up some bean less chili. I happen to be using Hormel tonight. Really I am wishing I had some of my homemade in the freezer. No such luck!
Grate up some cheese, chop some onions and find the nacho jalepenos that are stashed in the frig. I have to hide joke!


Leesa Munger said...

And now I need to eat this!

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