Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tomatillo Chicken-Taco Tuesday!

Sometimes this is called Chicken Verde or Chicken stew with Green sauce. For me it's just Chili Verde made with chicken. It's Taco Tuesday so the sauce will be thick to accommodate the corn tortilla.

Tomatillo Chicken
1 pound to 1 1/2 pounds tomatillos (I just grab 12 and call it good)
5 whole garlic cloves unpeeled
2 Anaheim or Poblano chiles (you could leave them out completely but trust me and keep them in-it won't be too spicy)
2 jalapenos chopped (I de-seed them)
4 pounds of bone in chicken thighs (pull as much skin off as possible but leave the bone in since it provides flavor)
1 bunch cilantro (remove the stems-because I am a stem snob)
Salt and Pepper
Olive oil or Canola oil
1 huge yellow onion or 2 small
1 TB dried oregano
3 large garlic cloves finely chopped
1 carton chicken stock (you may not use it all)

Remove the paper husks from the tomatillos.
Rinse them well. They are going to be a little sticky. It's normal. Don't worry about the stickiness. Dry them off with a paper towel. Cut them on half and place them cut side down on a foiled lined cookie sheet.
Broil them for 5 minutes or until the skin is blackened. Let them sit for a couple minutes until they are cool enough to handle.
I like my Chili Verde to a little more spicy. Trust me it wont be too spicy. So I take 2 Anaheim or Poblano chiles and blacken them under the broiler just as you did the tomatillos. Put them into a Ziploc bag (they steam) wait five minutes and then remove the skin, stems and seeds. Give them a rough chop. You could also use a can of Ortega Chilis in place.

Place the tomatillos, Anaheim chilis, and squeeze the garlic out of the skins into the blender or food processor. Add the chopped Jalapenos and cilantro to the blender.

Pulse until mixed.

Resist the urge to grab tortilla chips!
I like to de-fatten or de-skin the chicken as much as I can. It is so cheap to buy skin on chicken thighs. I am sure you can buy them skin-less but you will pay an additional price. That extra five bucks adds up so buy them with the skin (and bone) and take the fatty skin off yourself.
Season the your chicken with salt and pepper. In a large pan (I use a extra large sauce pan and not a frying pan because I figure less dishes to wash) heat oil. You want enough oil to coat the pan so the chicken doesn't stick. Brown the chicken on all sides and transfer to a bowl that is lined with paper towels. Browning the meat adds flavor. You could omit and just add to a pan or crock pot but trust me! It adds flavor!
Do not crowd the pan. You will have to brown them in batches.

Pour off most of the fat from the pan. Add the onions and cook till translucent then add the raw chopped garlic. I dont want the garlic to burn so add it last.

Add the chicken and the Green Verde sauce back into the pan.

Pour enough chicken stock in the pan to cover the meat. Don't over do it. I like my sauce to be on the thicker side and I always figure I can always add chicken stock but you cant take it away. (and I did add another cup half way but I like it thick for tacos and thinner to put over rice)

Taste it. Does it need some salt and pepper? Don't over do the salt. The flavor will concentrate as it cooks. Bring the sauce up to a boil and reduce it to simmer. (bring to a bubble and then drop heat so it is barely a bubble) Do not cover it. I know you want to but dont. Cook for 1 hour until chicken is tender. Shred the chicken and remove the bones.

Traditionally this is served with Spanish rice and corn tortillas. I am making tacos out of it since it is Taco Tuesday. (Don't know how to make taco shells..see here!)

This is the most amazing the next day. In fact I think it is really the best on the second day. The Tortured Teenager likes it scrambled with eggs for breakfast. No joke! It is amazing!

This could be made in the crock pot. You could make the sauce the night before and toss it all in the crock pot the next morning. Set on low. Enjoy!


Catherine said...

Taco Tuesday is my favorite day!
This sounds really good!
Have a wonderful day~

K∂riиє* Smith. said...

Hi there !
It looks delicious, I will give it a try :)


Mom-stuff Team said...

This looks wonderful. I will give this recipe to my cook LOL.Tag your it!

Lily said...

That looks so good!!!!!!!!

You have my mouth drooling!! lol

Tag, you're it!!!

Me, Myself and Pie said...

Yum. I ate tacos all weekend and somehow now I'm craving them more than ever. The sauce looks great. Although, yes...I would definitely reach for the tortillas!

LeAnn said...

Those look yummy! I will have to try that. Tagging bag

Tiffanee said...

We had tacos yesterday and I didn't even think of it being Tuesday. These look really delicious. I am going to have to try them out! Thanks,

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